I am Tobias, a Ph.D. candidate at CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. As a computer scientist, I am fascinated by the immense potential of modern machine learning and AI systems - and the new challenges they pose for secure and safe applications. My research focuses on developing methods to formally prove their safety and robustness, using these insights to guide the design of more resilient model architectures.

As part of the ELLIS Ph.D. Program, my Ph.D. is supervised by Prof. Mario Fritz and Prof. Marta Kwiatkowska, with a planned exchange at her research group. I previously obtained my Masters degree at ETH Zürich, where I worked with Prof. Martin Vechev on robustness certification for point cloud models. For my Batchelors degree, I studied at KIT in Karlsruhe and did an external Thesis at MPI in Saarbrücken with Prof. Bernt Schiele.